Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Just For Fun Magazine Cover

Ok, this has nothing to do with the film, but I wanted to put it up anyways :P. I don't mean to say that I would really like to see dinosaurs being cloned...well, it would be cool to see them, but I don't think they would enjoy the pollution and public attention of the 21st century...they belong to the Mesozoic Era, and we have their descendants here with us anyways! (birds).

By the way, I hope "Scientific Press" doesn't really exist. If it does, the copyright infringement was completely accidental, sorry!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Dinosaur Story Live-Action Shooting

Hi everyone! well, here's a picture of the live-action shooting for the backgrounds of my film. I recorded the footage during the Christmas break when my sister and I went to see our parents in Yucatan, Mexico. It was hard to find a slope anywhere where I lived...it's really flat in there, really beautiful, but very flat. But we were lucky enough to find this secluded place by sea that was perfect for the film.

In the picture you can see my parents, my sister (holding one of the cardboard doubles of the egg) and I while I was putting a Christmas ornament in front of the camera as to simulate a "fish-eye" lens to get an idea of how the light looked from every direction and then be able to reproduce it in the computer (it was my teacher's idea). Hahaha, there was so much sand in there that our car got stuck...thankfully the police, who had been checking on what we were doing every now and then, helped us out :)