Sunday, November 25, 2007

Tiri Walk Cycle and More Dino Stuff

Here is a walk cycle test I did with Tiri. The texture for the eye is not the final one (you can see it in the previous post). I'll re-do the rig entirely, for practice and to improve it (to make it more suitable for acting)

Please be patient if the video takes a while to load!
Here is a still frame of the animation if you just want to see how the model looks in a different pose.

This is a quick painting with the models (please excuse the lack of texture on the egg :P) just to get an idea of the colour palette I want to use for the film.

Finally, these are just some random semi-quick sketches of dinosaur limbs I drew during class :P

Update on film!

Here are some of the things I've been working on lately. First of all, I finished modeling and texturing all the characters and props for my film. The characters are:

Tiri- A baby Tyrannosaurus Rex
Chihuahua- A baby Brachiosaurus
Buzz (a.k.a. Marie Claire :P)- A dragonfly

There are two versions of the egg, one "broken", for the shot when Chihuahua comes out of the egg, and a solid one, for the rest of the shots (it's easier to animate).

I sculpted the textures for the characters and the props on clay (well, the egg on kraft paper). What I did was basically print the UVs from Maya, and then trace them onto transparent cel paper, and then built a sort of "tracing desk" so that I could sculpt the textures on clay and put the UVs on top every now and then to make sure they matched. Before going into the final textures, I did a test on a smaller piece of clay. Here are some pictures of the process:

For Chihuahua, the process was exactly the same:

Ok, this was a long post! hahaha, or at least it feels like it, I'm still trying to get used to using Blogger!!! :P. Bye for now.