Monday, September 29, 2008

Ouranosaurus Sketch for Sculpture

Hi everyone! this is a drawing I just finished of an Ouranosaurus. It is the next dinosaur I want to sculpt, I already bought the necessary materials for the armature, and tomorrow I'll get the sculpey. I thought that making a drawing (as detailed as possible) of the dinosaur would make the sculpting process faster, and take a lot of guesswork out of it. Also, I didn't depict this dinosaur with a sail on the back (as it is usually seen) because I recently read a scientific paper that said that it was more likely covered with muscle.


Mitch K said...

WOW Juan, that is really beautiful! It's strange to see the ouranosaurus without its fin! I remember having a toy of that dinosaur as a kid. It was painted with bright colours, like yellow and red and orange.

Do you paint these when you're finished?

Juan de Santiago said...

Thanks Mitch! Yeah, I guess this is a different "version" of ouranosaurus :P...who knows which one is right, with paleontology there's always a big deal of speculation and imagination.

I think I will paint this one sculpture when I finish it (I hope it turns out right! I'm kinda scared to paint it :P)