Saturday, January 26, 2008

Scene 3 (Almost Done)

Hey everyone! Here is one of the scenes from my film, it's not fully completed yet (I want to add a bit of sand animation around Tiri's feet...but that's a detail, and I'll add it if I have extra time). Please be patient if the video takes a while to load...thanks for watching!

Oh, and for the BG I'm going to have actual footage, not just a still picture (this one still has Tiri's cardboard stunt double in it :P)


Allieep said...

Good grief Juan!! This looks real, for pete's sake! I'd be careful though, the teachers might fail you, thinking you used live footage of dinosaurs instead of animation ;P

Can't wait for more!

Juan said...

Thanks Allie! :)

Halya said...

Aw he looks so great. I agree, I think your film will be awesome. Good work.

Juan said...

Thanks Hala...I mean, Halya, hahaha. I'm happy with this scene, although I don't know how the rest will turn out.